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Surfing in at sunset is a must during your stay if adventure is your thing. There are a few surf spots on the Gili T, located mainly in the southeast of Gili Trawangan. If you need assitance to rent surfboards and take surf lessons on the beach, please let us know. A majority of the surfs spots are over coral reef, and it can be very shallow in some cases! Novices should always be accompanied by experts.


Take a morning yoga class, followed by a fresh smoothie blended with tropical fruits from our restaurant. Sunrises on Gili T are just as spectacular as the sunsets. Please ask the front desk if you would like to have more information.


The island has a multitude of white, sandy beaches with many areas perfect for swimming or simply soaking up some sun. Please ask our staff to recommend the best swimming spots. A number of the beachfronts bars also have swimming pools where you can unwind.


There are about 25 accredited dive shops on Gili T! The water is crystal clear with good visibility. You ccould potentially take a refresher course, wing it on your own private adventure, or finally take that PADI license that you have been meaning to. The price is almost the same across all establishments. Please ask us for more details.

Night Market

During your time on Gili Trawangan you should at least visit the night market once. The night market opens about 1800hrs every day & the market is located in front of the main jetty. A wide range of different local specialties are offered such as fresh fish, satay, piping hot food, seafood, Gili Khayangan Villas c/o PT Gili Trust Nusantara Jalan Kelapa, Gili Trawangan, Nusa Tenggara Barat, 83355, Indonesia grilled corn, desserts and much more. No trip to the Gilis is complete without an evening spent at the night market. The sights and sounds, in and of itself, makes for a spectacular people watching adventure!

Safety & General Tips
The Weather – Situated fairly close to the equator, The Gilis are the embodiment of tropical weather. The sun & its counterpart the rain are mainstays of life on the island! Do make sure that you always have ample stock of sunblock, and perhaps even a poncho as well. The weather can turn at a drop of a hat, so please stay prepared!
The Insects – While we do our best to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, scorpions & the like during our weekly foggings & chemical treatments at our premises, tropical islands always tend to have some hidden surprises. The insects that are present are generally variable with the weather, please enquire at the front desk about the best ways to stay protected whilst you stay with us!
The Parties & Social Scene – As with almost any other location in the world, there is a safe way to have fun on the island:
– Gili Khayangan does not condone the consumption of drugs.
– Always stay hydrated, espescially while you consume alcohol
– Do not leave parties with or invite people that you just met to your place of residence. Your safety is of paramount importance to us.
– Always attempt to verify that the alcohol that you are consuming is legal & not bootleg. Please ask the front desk staff before heading for a night out if you have any concerns at all